Chen Fu Shing

The Wheelman...


Class: Wheelman Lvl: 6
Organization: Pan-Asian Collective Nationality: Chinese
Code Name: Mr. Han Vitality: 52 Wounds: 13

Abilities Action Die: 4 Die Type: D8
Strength: 14
Dexterity: 20 Inspiration: 4
Constitution: 13
Intelligence: 15 Education: 6
Wisdom: 11
Charisma: 10 Initiative: 10

Saving Throws Attack Rolls
Fortitude: 5 Unarmed: 9
Reflex: 12 Melee: 9
Will: 4 Ranged: 11

Weapons Defense: 19
Unarmed: 9 Damage: 1D8
SIG 9mm P: 13 Damage: 1D10+1

Boating: 12 Craft (Machining): 9
Driver: 17 Electronics: 9
Handle Animal: 7 Knowledge (Martial Arts): 9
Mechanics: 12 Pilot: 12
Search: 4

Feats & Special Abilities
Martial Arts, Lucky, Custom Ride (5 points), Armor Proficiency Light & Medium, Daredevil,
Kickstart, Weapon Group Proficiency Melee, Handgun, Rifle & Tactical, Speed Demon,
Defensive Driving, Offensive Driving, Familiarity, “It Only Hit The Door”, Baby It


Son of a Yakuza princess and a Triad prince Chen is a product of a fragile peace between the two factions of asian mafia. Since the age of 3 he was sent to train with who he came to call uncle. This uncle was one of the well renown students of Wong Fei-Hung. After 15 years of dedicated training his family rewarded him by letting him follow any of his passions for completing this feat. Chen had always had a nac for fixing things around the house and had always been caught reading the lastest issue of “Drifters Monthly” so he chose to go get a degree in mechanical engineering. After that, he dissapeared into the street racing scene for 5 years until he was called upon by the Pan-Asian Collective to represent China and Wong Fei-Hung as an agent of the little know Archer foundation.

Chen Fu Shing

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