Emteran al Tikriti

Emteran al Tikriti is a member of the Archer Conspiracy

He is a wet works operative within the Guardians of the Whispering Knife. The Guardians loan him to the Hand of Glory Task Force in order to eliminate rogue agents… which appearantly happens more often than it should.

His direct supervisor is Yahya Afridi who is the director of Archer Operations in Afghanistan, but he has also worked for Heyder Alizadeh in the past whose affiliation is currently unknown. Heyder is known to have worked with the mysterious “Cult of Ashur” and it is possible that Emteran has worked for them as well.

Emteran has used the phrase “Nothing is true and everything is permitted” which is a key teaching of the ancient order of Hassan-i Sabbah. This suggests that Emteran may be working for The Assassins, the ancient enemy of the Guardians of the Whispering Knife, or he has been influenced by their teachings.

Emteran revealed to the team that he was brought up and trained as an Assassin. He is also a member in good standing with the Guardians of the Whispering Knife. How this can be is not currently known.

Emteran is now a bonded follower and loyal memeber of the party.

Emteran al Tikriti

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