The Ellsworth Bunker

The Finnian Collector’s Society have purchased, procured, and constructed a whole host of secret vaults and bunkers with which to hide their treasures and escape prying eyes. The Ellsworth Bunker is one of these relic storage facility safe houses. In exchange for recent relic aquisitions, the team has been granted access to the facility (among other perks).

Ellsworth Bunker is located in South Dakota near Rapid City. It is just outside the current location of Ellsworth Airforce Base and is part of the secret complex of cold war bunkers, complexes, and ICBM silos that were decomissioned decades ago. Use of the Ellsworth Bunker was essentially stolen from the United States Government after the entire missile complexes around Ellsworth Airforce Base were decomissioned and disarmed so that their existence and status are burried in filing cabinets that no one ever looks at. The Society moved in shortly after their formation to modernize and customize the facitily in order to house its vast wealth and members if ever there should be a dire need. Currently, the Ellsworth Bunker is empty of any significant items save for basic provisions, communications equipment, and rudimentary creature comforts.

The entrance to the facility is inside of a rundown old barn that was built to hide its existence from arial photography. A lead-lined blast door and airlock system large enough for a small truck to pass through opens up into the subterranian complex that is the Ellsworth Bunker. Inside the secured area underground, Ellsworth has a loading and storage area that has the equivelant space of a two car garage. Beyond that is an armored door which protects a collection of hallways, stairs, and rooms. These rooms contain sufficient living areas, food, bunks, supplies, power, and life support systems to keep a compliment of 25 people inside for five months… all be it not very comfortably. At the bottom of the facility there is a small warehouse area behind a large bank vault door that could safely house a small number of relics or other material wealth. The vault is currently empty.

The Ellsworth Bunker was the team’s base of operations until the apocolypse when the team fled as US forces were attempting to secure the base as a government shelter.

The Ellsworth Bunker

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