Yahya Afridi

Yahya Afridi is a member of the Archer Conspiracy

He is a member of the Guardians of the Whispering Knife and is the head of agency operations in Afghanistan. When the team introduced the joint Triad smuggling plot into Afghanistan from Russia on behalf of the Hand of Glory, Yahya did not believe that it was happening. When nuclear warheads were discovered in the smuggling shipment, the Team contacted Project FIRESTORM. FIRESTORM, in turn, contacted Yaya for assistance. The extraction turned out to be a trap when an Assassin sleeper inside of FIRESTORM attempted to eleminate the Team. The base that Yaya sent the Team to appeared to be a trap. When contacted about it, Yaya Afridi seemed eager to help the party safely extract and secure the nuclear weapons… but he was lying.

Currently, Yahya Afridi’s loyalty is in doubt. During questioning, Emteran revealed that Yahya is an Assassin and a fellow member of the Cult of Ashur.

His direct supervisor is currently unknown.

Yahya Afridi

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